Jeremiah Jenkins offers MFAs through the Tenderloin Institute of Art

Students getting their MFA at the Tenderloin Institute of Art

Artist Jeremiah Jenkins offered a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) to his audience aka students, for free, at Evergold Gallery in San Francisco, April 17th and 18th. In a promotional video one of the benefits of the degree was that students will be able to save about $120,000 in tuition.

This was a rad show which invited audience participation where students could create their very own art. Students of the program were provided the course material and objectives which included a history test and an artist’s statement which was submitted when the student finished.

Jenkins created several art stations where students could draw, do sculpture, record performance art via a selfie-stick, and for the history test Jenkins provided a small television set in which he narrated and looped the entire history of art in about six minutes. The art history video was comedic with plenty of cussing and redundancy to the point of satire. Since the history of art had to be compacted inside of six minutes it was incredibly reductionist when dealing with the inspiration of art over the centuries which added to the overall amusement of the video.

One of the final tasks to earning the MFA was the artist’s statement. The artist’s statement was in the style of a Mad Libs word game. Jenkins mounted three dart boards which were divided into nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Throw a dart hit a word and write it down on your artist’s statement. This was a far more philosophical attitude towards art and art institutions and also the most entertaining activity. The narrow lexicon used within the art discipline, randomness of word selection and scripted artist’s statement appeared to render word usage in the art field banal and hackneyed. The artist’s statement was as broad as a horoscope, it can apply to anyone. But this is the fun of this kind of conceptual art is that it forces the mind to pursue paths that will offer and explanation.

The following weekend was the TIA Commencement Speech which I wasn’t able to attend, but from the video it looks like one person was there.


Dart boards with art specific lexicon to fill out artist’s statement.


This area was for students to record their performance using a selfie stick.

A collaborative master’s project.

Archiving his MFA project

My artist’s statement

My MFA, it was all worth it.

Tenderloin Institute of Art promotional video

The Vernissage is a video collection of video performances and art created by MFA students

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