Timothy Cummings at Catherine Clark

This is Timothy Cummings first show at the newly renovated Catherine Clark Gallery. The description for the show talks about the artists relocation back to the southwest and the moves influence on the work. This is very apparent in the colors of the floral work featured in many of the paintings.


There is a lot of iconography in the work interacting with portraits of adolescent boys and girls(possible a young drag). There are several paintings where this subject matter is surrounded by a garden of eden like scene. The blues in the sky scream of a southwestern sunset – deep blue. The blues and greens are amazing.

The work is beautifully rendered and it is hard to believe that they are done with acrylics. There are plenty of people that can make acrylics look great, but I am always impressed when someone can make them look as good as oils. Cummings has an amazing palette coupled with a refined brushwork that makes these pieces a joy to look at.

The show is up until September 6th, go check it out before it goes down.



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