Southern exposure White Hot Lamp Black

There are still two weeks to go check out the current exhibition White Hot Lamp Black at Southern Exposure. The show is said to investigate the edges of our perception: Shadows, Bright Light, Dark Space, and Deep Holes.

Carrie Hott created some great sculptures that boasted features that are so relevant in our current times. She made use of what seemed to be found objects and was able to reinterpret them to sync with the show perfectly in sculptural forms that create shadows on the wall. A lot of times when artists do this, it is either the objects that are interesting, or the shadows, but not both. Hott succeeded in creating objects that are very interesting to look at, and also create shadows that skew our perception. She also made a very interesting video that loops interesting studies of light and shadow, the video and the objects she created are visually very similar which offers a nice continuity to the work.




Still from Carrie Hott’s Video Sequence.



Below is Hillary Wiedmann’s study of the sun, which I believe she was able to source from Nasa’s Mars Mission. The images are very nicely done, and give a sense of time and light. I would have liked to hear the artists thoughts on this work, they come across very scientific. The work still fit into the whole of the show rather nicely.



The work below is by Dario Robleto. To tell the truth I did not like these images until I read about them in the helpful guide Southern Exposure provided. They obviously fit in with the show very well as they were studies of all things light. The work reminded me of early Photoshop filters, which now that I think about it, might be kind of rad. The work is the product of Robleto sifting through thousands of photos that fans take at concerts and finding the images shot of the stage lighting. It is almost endurance art in process. The outcome is very beautiful, almost surreal. They look like Star Trek spatial anomalies, which is always a great sight.



The show runs until March 8th @ Southern Exposure GAllery
3030 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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