Gregory Ito solo show @ moroso projects


Artist Gregory Ito has a solo show at Moroso Projects. It is an interesting show that has a myriad of work that can be appreciated both technically in his paintings and more conceptually in his sculptural and installation work. Take for instance a piece like Untitled(she’s gifted – pink), where the artist put earrings on a flower. He is taking something that is in itself already beautiful, but at the same time looks like it might be sitting on an office desk. He then pierces it’s flesh to add unnecessary embellishments. In a way, he is almost dressing the flower up and preparing it for something more than it is destined to be. It sits on a fence precariously balanced and waiting for something that may or may not happen. Perhaps the balance between work and play? This was one of my favorite pieces, a very simple gesture.




We see a common theme here in most of the sculptural work at the show, there seems to be a spoiler alert to all the fun. Balls in fences, and a frisby that is stuck in the wall, too high to get it back.







The show description says the work “becomes a meeting point that dovetails the innate and idealized human desire for freedom, against the contemporary constructed systems of work and servitude”, and Ito achieves this very well, but in my opinion it seems like the work and servitude is winning, which I guess is appropriate here in the Bay Area. The show is also in a shared office space, which normally would be something that would distract from the artwork, but in Ito’s case actually reenforces the idea.

The painting remind me of the good ol’ graffiti days. Painting the rough textures of water towers and stucco rooftops. He uses a kind of side spraying technique which gives an optical effect close to a sunset. He juxtaposes these fades and rough surfaces with very clean line work. This juxtaposition rings nicely with the work, and offers a kind of repetition and link with the sculptural and installation work.


There are certain “pockets” in the show where you can catch your breath and escape into a zen like moment. Where Ito positions things just right and makes a minimal gesture that is very beautiful. I found this zen moment while looking at one of his paintings and a perfectly sprayed matte black piece of bamboo.



It’s always refreshing when you see original work, and that is what you will get with ito’s show.


Moroso Projects
582 6th Street
San Francisco CA 94103

Opening Reception: November 15th, 2013. 6-10pm
November 15, 2013 – January 15, 2014


Gregory Ito Website goodness:














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