Ceramics Annual of America


We really don’t get out enough to see ceramics here at arthowl, but there is a great chance to see some good work at civic center this weekend. The ceramics annual of America is hosting a huge show with major works of ceramics art for free in civic center between Polk and Larkin, just in front of city hall.

This show is a great event to take a stroll and check out some affordable ceramic work. There are a lot of very technical pieces to be appreciated, but also some interesting conceptual work as well.

Esther Shimazu did some great figurative work of seemingly overweight yet agile looking asian people. I did not meet the artist to see what they were about, but they were fabulous. They were super realistic and did not look like ceramics at all. I wanted to flick them to see if they were ;)


There were also a few sculptures by Nicole Sohn that were kind of Matthew Barney”esque, and very well done. They featured fur and other materials.



Tiffany Schmierer was doing ceramic sculptures that boast a combination of amazing saturated colors with some interesting decal work. The pieces, a majority of which were wall mounted, almost read like colorful cubist paintings, but they have a color only ceramic glazes can offer. Definitely a breath of fresh air, it’s no surprise she sold a wall triptych, they are very consumable and lovely.



This show is only up for 2 days folks, and today is already done, so go try to see it tomorrow :)

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