Robert Burden at the shooting Gallery


Robert Burden’s toy box comes to life at the Shooting gallery in the TL just off Geary. If you are going to go to anything this month, anything at all, go to this show. His large scale works of 1980′s toys are phenomenal. His use of highly saturated hues, gold, and sexy silky black framing glorify these objects we all cherished as children.

The amount of work put into his paintings is unmatched, and it is obvious none of the details are taped in…this man has a steady hand! The patterns and the use of familiar forms scattered and hiding within them simply lends the pieces the variety they need to keep the eyes moving and hold the viewers interest for long periods of time.

It has been a long time since I have been able to sit and look at a painting for 5-10 minutes, especially a work with colors like these. Thank you Robert Burden! -Arthowl

Some more highlights below:






Just for scale:



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