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I once asked a pshycic to tell me about my art. He said, “you go out into the world and get one thingand a different thing and bring them together into one to show truth.”The old ladies that smelled like peppermint at my grandmothers’ church told me that magic was thedevil’s work. One of my ancestors was burned at the stake for being a warlock. Now I believe thatmagic is simply creating the world around you. Most of my work comes from mystic visions fromdreams, the internet, or from psychometry (receiving images from touching objects).When I was 11, a friend of my mother’s came to our house to meet with my grandfather. Mygrandfather showed up and opened the back hatch of his baby blue Plymouth Omni. He pulled thecarpet aside and began to lay out several handguns. My mother’s friend began test firing them at twolarge logs stacked on top of each other. On his last shot with the Glock 9mm, the gun he ended upbuying, the top log fell off. While the men started exchanging cash I ran up to the target. The lastbullet had gone in between the logs and stopped. It was laying there at the end of a grove carved intothe exposed wood grain. This experience is also a big influence for my work.

Jeremiah Jenkins, Evergold Gallery

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Extended Dates and Hours:
May 5th- June 9th, 2012, Wednesday – Saturday 1-6pm and by appointment

Venue Information:
Evergold Gallery
441 O’Farrell St.
San Francisco CA, 94102







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