Southern exposure White Hot Lamp Black

There are still two weeks to go check out the current exhibition White Hot Lamp Black at Southern Exposure. The show is said to investigate the edges of our perception: Shadows, Bright Light, Dark Space, and Deep Holes.

Carrie Hott created some great sculptures that boasted features that are so relevant in our current times. She made use of what seemed to be found objects and was able to reinterpret them to sync with the show perfectly in sculptural forms that create shadows on the wall. A lot of times when artists do this, it is either the objects that are interesting, or the shadows, but not both. Hott succeeded in creating objects that are very interesting to look at, and also create shadows that skew our perception. She also made a very interesting video that loops interesting studies of light and shadow, the video and the objects she created are visually very similar which offers a nice continuity to the work.


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Mauricio Ancalmo at Evergold


If you haven’t had the chance to get to evergold the last few weeks, get over there quick before Mauricio Ancalmo’s show goes down in march.

It is a must see if you have ever played Pétanque in golden gate park with Paul Kos…or not.

The work in the show is very conceptual, but at the same time super approachable and modest. It is all inspired by our very own golden gate park, so if you have ever rolled through on your bike, enjoyed a picnic, or done anything else in the park, you will feel some sort of connection to the work.

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