ArtpadSF – Phoenix hotel


Arthowl was able to get to attend the ArtpadSF preview party, which was phenomenal. For those of you who have never attended it is essentially made up of many different galleries from the Bay Area with a few appearances from galleries from LA, Portland, and a handful of other places. The venue is held in the Phoenix Hotel and each gallery space gets it’s own room. It is a great way to see a lot of great art in a small area.

For all the artist out there, this is a great place to see what gallery you might fit in with. You can really get an idea of the styles that each gallery is going for. There is also the opportunity to talk with artist and curators who are in the gallery spaces. For collectors, this is a one stop shop for pretty much everything great in the bay area. Info is below, it is definitely work seeing. For those of you that can’t make it, we have included some highlights below, but there are many many more galleries and artists, so please go check it out…totally worth it.

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