Rachel Phillips and John Hundt at Jack Fischer

There is a two person show at Jack Fischer featuring artists Rachel Phillips and John Hundt. It runs until August 30th, get in to see it if you can.

I have one word for this show “babies”. Rachel Phillips made some lovely works on old “cabinet cards” from the 1800′s. She uses photographic transfer techniques to layer new imagery on top of them. The combinations are amazing and the works hold up well even with minimal framing. They are small and personable, simplistic, and beautiful.

I stood there looking at the babies for probably over ten minutes…what was that rule about a successful work of art? The images are aesthetically pleasing, while the expressions on the babies just can’t help but make you laugh. While enjoying the tiny little expressions one can’t help wonder about their own mortality. Who are these people?



There were also some pieces by Rachel Phillips that were more conceptual than we usually see at Jack Fischer’s space. The works are framed photos of the frames themselves. There was a potential for an infinite fractal or loop with these works, but the artist stops the loop from happening before it even starts, eliminating the cliche infinite frame within a frame within a frame. There is just one image of the frame within the frame. There seems to be a common theme within the artists work that playfully expresses how we perceive our existence.


There were several other works where Phillips couples these old photos with objects that may, or may not have to do with the people in the photographs. She solidifies the link between the objects and the people in the photos even more so by giving a small descriptive title in a hand written label.

Absolutely amazing.



Artist John Hundt’s work at Jack Fischer is made up of a series of collage work. In his statement he talks about his interest in morphology as well as the immediacy of collage as medium. Some of the works feature figures morphed with what looks like technology from the 18th and 19th century. Some of the work is almost surreal while others are reminiscent of collages from the dada movement. I particularly enjoy the more simple compositions in this show.




The piece below with a historic body builder or wrestler combined with a gear head and a construction site outfit is one of my favorites of Hundt’s pieces in the show.

2014 MFA Exhibition PRINCIPAL

Some great work at the SFAI MFA show which is up this weekend. It is at the old mint, and it is a great space. The feel of the exhibition space is more like a gallery than past venues.

Some picks from the exhibition. On view at the old mint:

May 15–18

Friday, May 16, 7–9 pm

11 am–6 pm

Large scale work by Javier Arbizu. Very beautiful, I wish the old lighting system didn’t hang so low :/


Column made with heat ducting I believe.



Lila Maes going primitive using repurposed wood and moss to form some wings.
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Bay Area artist at 25th Annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art

We had to stop in Davis and happened across their huge ceramics conference. It is worth checking out, demos, lots of art, and interesting people. Just a few shots from the John Nautsoulas gallery and a couple of the galleries next door.


Susannah Isreal


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Southern exposure White Hot Lamp Black

There are still two weeks to go check out the current exhibition White Hot Lamp Black at Southern Exposure. The show is said to investigate the edges of our perception: Shadows, Bright Light, Dark Space, and Deep Holes.

Carrie Hott created some great sculptures that boasted features that are so relevant in our current times. She made use of what seemed to be found objects and was able to reinterpret them to sync with the show perfectly in sculptural forms that create shadows on the wall. A lot of times when artists do this, it is either the objects that are interesting, or the shadows, but not both. Hott succeeded in creating objects that are very interesting to look at, and also create shadows that skew our perception. She also made a very interesting video that loops interesting studies of light and shadow, the video and the objects she created are visually very similar which offers a nice continuity to the work.


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