Gregory Ito solo show @ moroso projects


Artist Gregory Ito has a solo show at Moroso Projects. It is an interesting show that has a myriad of work that can be appreciated both technically in his paintings and more conceptually in his sculptural and installation work. Take for instance a piece like Untitled(she’s gifted – pink), where the artist put earrings on a flower. He is taking something that is in itself already beautiful, but at the same time looks like it might be sitting on an office desk. He then pierces it’s flesh to add unnecessary embellishments. In a way, he is almost dressing the flower up and preparing it for something more than it is destined to be. It sits on a fence precariously balanced and waiting for something that may or may not happen. Perhaps the balance between work and play? This was one of my favorite pieces, a very simple gesture.

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Ceramics Annual of America


We really don’t get out enough to see ceramics here at arthowl, but there is a great chance to see some good work at civic center this weekend. The ceramics annual of America is hosting a huge show with major works of ceramics art for free in civic center between Polk and Larkin, just in front of city hall.

This show is a great event to take a stroll and check out some affordable ceramic work. There are a lot of very technical pieces to be appreciated, but also some interesting conceptual work as well.

Esther Shimazu did some great figurative work of seemingly overweight yet agile looking asian people. I did not meet the artist to see what they were about, but they were fabulous. They were super realistic and did not look like ceramics at all. I wanted to flick them to see if they were ;)

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Energy that is all around

A preview of the opening of “Energy that is all around” at the Walter and McBean galleries at SFAI. This show features one of our old bay area graffiti artist favorites Barry McGee better known as “twist” and others from the mission school including Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Alicia McCarthy, and Ruby Neri. It’s an all around excellent show and a must see if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have added some highlights below! Go check it out!!

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